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No Secrets

Homeowner association members are welcome to read official HOA documents. There’s nothing secret about the business of the HOA. In fact, you should already have copies of key documents like bylaws and rules in your possession. Other documents open for members to view include:

  • Board meeting minutes
  • Insurance policies
  • Financial statements and annual audits
  • Declaration and bylaws
  • Rules and regulations
  • Current contracts
  • Leases and agreements
  • Ballots and proxies

Here’s how to gain access:

  • Send the board a request in writing saying exactly which records you wish to review, the date of those records and the purpose of your request.
  • The board will respond to your request within 30 days. During that time the board or manager will locate the correct documents and get them ready for you.
  • The records you requested will be available for your review during regular business hours at the manager’s office for 30 days after we process your request.
  • The association will make copies of records for a reasonable fee.

Please do not request documents that infringe on the privacy of an individual such as medical or personnel records. These are not public records, and the association will not make them available. Salary information is available in the aggregate, but not for individuals. Requests involving ongoing legal or contractual obligations that might expose the HOA or association management board to liability may also be denied.



Association Documents Open to Owners

Have you lost your copy of bylaws? Would you like to read minutes from past management board meetings? Would you like to read a resolution for background information on a homeowners association policy?

Many of these documents can be found on your HOA website. Other documents are available to all members for review. However, it is important to follow a few standard procedures.

First, submit a written request to the president or manager of the community association board stating which documents you wish to read. Submit your request several days before you need the documents. We may need extra time to locate older documents if they’re in storage.

Make sure you have a clear understanding of which document you are looking for and your reason for requesting them before submitting a request. Be specific. A request for “documents relating to the capital improvement project” is too broad. Instead, request “vendor contract and blueprints for the capital improvement project undertaken last year.”

Requests are usually filled within five business days. You will be contacted to set up a time during normal business hours when the documents may be viewed. You can view original documents at no charge. If you want copies of pages from the original documents, make a list or mark the pages you want with a paper clip or sticky note. You will be charged per page for copying. You can also have copies of documents mailed to you with billed charges per page for copying and mailing.

Some HOA records are confidential. Requests for sensitive information, such as personnel files, owners’ ledgers or legal files, will be denied. This protects the homeowners association, as well as other homeowners from liability. The exception to this is requesting documents about yourself.

While viewing original documents, do not remove anything and be sure to keep pages in the same order as presented.

If you have any questions or need further information, give your association manager a call or send the board an email. They’re here to help.