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What’s Bugging You?

Your homeowners association may be spraying all common areas and/or entering units in the near future to eliminate the threat of termites. All they ask for is your full cooperation, even though this will be inconvenient for many residents. Consider the following statistics before you complain about the odor or the inconvenience:

  • Some 365,000 homes need the services of the fire department every year, but more than 2 million homes will require termite treatment.
  • Termites do more damage in the U.S. than fires, storms and earthquakes combined.
  • Up to 1 million termites can live in a single colony. Termites can travel up to 130 feet from a colony; once they discover a food source, they leave a “chemical trail” for others to follow.
  • Termites don’t distinguish between wood in your home and wood in the forest.
  • An average of 13-14 subterranean termite colonies can exist per acre. Thus, the typical common interest development may have several colonies situated under or around it.
  • Your HOA insurance does not protect you against termite damage!
[Optional: Source: Community Associations Institute.]