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Case Study

Park West

Mount Pleasant, S.C.

The Challenge

How to decrease Park West’s accounts receivable balance, and in the meantime, make the fee collections process smoother for residents?

SCS' Solution

Separate the fee collection process and bring on a dedicated staff of billing professionals at SCS to handle fee collections, so that community managers can focus on providing excellent day-to-day service to homeowners.

Project Description

One of SCS’s larger communities is Park West in Mount Pleasant, S.C., minutes from downtown Charleston in South Carolina’s Lowcountry. With approximately 3,000 properties and roughly 7,500 residents, the 1700-acre Park West is the size of a small town, divided into 32 neighborhoods with 7 miles of bike and pedestrian paths, and acres of marsh and wetlands, as well as pools, tennis and volleyball courts, oyster tables and more.

This is a lot of property to manage, and it requires an annual budget of $1.5 million to run the master association and the amenity association. SCS’ seasoned finance team has the experience, resources and technology to ensure that the board members in charge of allocating this budget have the support they need to keep these two associations running smoothly and effectively.

In recent years, Park West’s accounts receivable numbers have dropped significantly, resulting in good news for the community’s bottom line.

What does this mean in layman’s terms? SCS has become extremely successful in collecting fees for assessments and violations.

The key was separating the collections process from the community manager’s job description entirely. SCS assigned team members experienced in collections to the process of reminding residents of unpaid assessments and violations, so that the community manager can focus on keeping homeowners happy.

With collections off of his to-do list, Park West’s community manager can concentrate on working with his select team of vendors to keep the grass healthy, the trees trimmed, the ponds clear and the flowers blooming. He can respond to homeowners’ phone calls and emails quickly, and he can work more closely with vendors to ensure that things are done swiftly and correctly.

How does it feel to be part of the SCS family? Give us a call and we’ll answer any questions you’d like to ask.

32 Neighborhoods
3000 Rooftops
7500 Residents
1700 Acres
1.5 Million Annual Budget

Jessica Turner, SCS association manager, has collaborated with our HOA board of directors to turn our community into a premier one.  Jessica is professional, pays attention to detail and has a pulse for community needs.  Jessica and SCS are trusted partners and we will continue partnering with both for the continued improvement of our community.

Justin Sawyer

Involvement in the ARB process and serving on the Park West Advisory Committee has afforded me a very unique perspective and appreciation for the immense amount of work that is involved in the development and maintenance of a planned development.

Joan Spier

I believe that SCS' commitment to CAI training goes a long way toward ensuring consistency in their management personnel.

Kevin Steelman