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SCS Is An Accredited Association Management Company

As an Accredited Association Management Company (AAMC) through Community Associations Institute (CAI), SCS has a proven ability to provide its clients with the unique and diverse services a community association needs. Its managers have advanced training and a demonstrated commitment to the industry—just the type of professionals that HOA boards seek to hire. SCS is proud to be one of only six AAMC designated companies in South Carolina, and one of only 250 in the United States.

What are the requirements of the AAMC accreditation?

  • A minimum of three years of experience providing community association management services
  • A Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) designee as the company’s senior manager
  • A staff of which 50% of managers hold a professional designation (CMCA, AMS, or PCAM)
  • Maintain fidelity, general liability, and worker’s compensation insurance in addition to meeting federal, state and local laws
  • Have client verification
  • Comply with the CAI Professional Manager Code of Ethics (Code of Ethics Enforcement Procedures)
  • Complete and submit an AAMC Application.pdf
  • Pay annual maintenance fee
  • Renew designation every three years
  • To retain the designation, all designated staff members must complete at least 12 hours of continuing education every two years

AAMC Members represent Excellence in:

  • Knowledge.  AAMC employees have passed courses on reserves, maintenance, insurance, budgeting, governance, communication, contracts and rules.  AAMC employees continually update their base of expertise by participating in professional development seminars.
  • Experience.  AAMC employees meet an experience requirement in order for the company to become an AAMC and have proven management experience and knowledge.
  • Integrity.  AAMC employees commit to upholding the highest ethical standards.  Designated managers within the company must abide by the strict rules of conduct outlined by CAI’s Professional Code of Ethics.

For more information about the AAMC accreditation, visit the website of the Community Associations Institute.