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Stay Safe In The Water

Swimming is one of the many joys of summer, and hopefully you’re able to make good use of your homeowner association’s pool. While your HOA wants to make sure all their residents and guests have fun in and around the water, the top priority is safety. Please take note of the homeowners association’s pool rules, and follow them thoroughly to help keep everyone safe.

Pool rules promote safety, but safety is largely up to you: it’s important to take precautions at all times and be prepared for any emergencies.

  • Take note of the reach pole, emergency phone and life preservers in the pool area.
  • Make sure you, your family and your guests know how to swim properly. If you don’t, there are plenty of swimming classes for people of all ages.
  • Consider learning CPR if you haven’t already. This simple life-saving technique could save a life should an accident occur.
  • Always supervise children while they’re around the pool, no matter how well they can swim. It only takes one misstep for someone to get hurt.

There’s plenty of fun to be had at the pool, and knowing how to stay safe in the water will help make this an even better summer. For more safety tips, go to