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Ten Reasons To Volunteer For The Association


  1. Protect your self-interests. Protect your property values and maintain the quality of life in your HOA community.
  2. Correct a problem. Has your car been towed, or do you think maybe maintenance has been neglected?
  3. Give back. Repay a little of what’s been done for you.
  4. Be sociable. Meet your neighbors, make friends and exchange opinions.
  5. Advance your career. Build your personal resume by including your community association volunteer service.
  6. Express yourself. Help with creative projects like community beautification.
  7. Have some fun. Association work isn’t drudgery. It’s always fun accomplishing good things with your neighbors in your HOA community.
  8. Get educated. Learn how it’s done—they’ll train you.
  9. Earn recognition. If you would like a little attention or validation, then your contributions will be recognized and celebrated.
  10. Try some altruism. Improve society by helping others.
[Source: Community Associations Institute.]